Susan Roshan was born on September 23rd in Tehran, Iran. Her passion towards music began at the age of three, where she picked up a micrphone and started singing at a private party. She moved to the United States with her parents and brother at the age of ten, due to to the revolution. Susan finished her high school in Anaheim Hills, and decided to become a lab technician.

Noticing her passion for music not easing, as she went on to be discovered by Hassan Shamaizadeh. It was at that point when she was becoming one of the hottest persian music female singers in the beginning of the 90’s.

Susan caught the attention of many fans with her unforgettable album “Doroogh Nagoo”. She became an icon with her unique style of wardrobe and performance. In 1995, Susan shocked the persian music industry, by producing one of the most expensive persian music videos of all time, spending a gross $250,000  on “Aria” from the album “Bibi Eshgh”. She has since gone on through the years to show a certain grace and confidence in her style of music and singing. Leaving many memorable hits that have become her strong trademark of fashion, sexy and fresh.

After a five year break, she came back hotter than ever in 2007 with her album “Vas Vaseh”, again with another hit “Mardi Goftan Zani Goftan”, which became a number 1 playlist spinned by worldwide Dj’s at clubs. She has been back to work with her real estate development business since 2008. A new album is in the plans, and ready to stir the market again with her unique style.